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SelfInsight launches a health tracker for people with autoimmune conditions to improve their quality of life

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SelfInsight launches a health tracker for people with autoimmune conditions to improve their quality of life

SelfInsight, the evidence-based platform for tracking and analyzing the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, founded by Embria, is launching its beta version of a symptoms tracker and inviting MS warriors to become its first beta testers. 

SelfInsight is designed to provide people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases with a clear and deep understanding of their condition with the help of AI, data science, and anonymous data from thousands of people with the same diagnoses. 

The beta version of SelfInsight is targeted at people with MS and is now open to early adopters for testing and gathering data about their MS symptoms and triggers. By anonymously logging their data, they will not only be able to access more detailed information about their condition, but also get practical insights into the conditions and treatments of other users.

Here is what SelfInsight users can currently do:

  • Track everything in one place: meals, water intake, symptoms, sleep, and meaningful events during the day.

  • See a review of the current day in comparison with their average days or the best day during the tracking period.

  • Access their history of meals and lifestyle logs for any day.

  • Spot patterns and find correlations between symptoms and their lifestyle in the future.

  • Safely store and share the data with their doctor.

In the future, the team plans to open the platform for people with other autoimmune conditions. In addition to tracking, SelfInsight users will be able to explore the data of other MS users (disidentified and anonymous) and see protocols or solutions that work for them.

“We are excited to bring SelfInsight to the world to help millions of people with autoimmune conditions understand what factors in their life impact their condition the most and make data-driven decisions about their habits and lifestyle. This is the struggle that I've had since getting my MS diagnosis in 2015. And that’s what inspired me to create our tracker,” said Alex Sokoloff, the founder of SelfInsight. “My personal goal is to make it a game-changer for everyone with not only MS but other autoimmune diseases as well, and the contribution of the first early adopters is priceless.” 

To become a SelfInsight beta tester, request free access by filling in the registration form at https://selfinsight.ai.  

NB: SelfInsight doesn’t share user data with third parties, is free, and is not and will never be sponsored by any pharmaceutical company.

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